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Doggie Daycare!

Our daycare lets your dog(s) have plenty of off-leash play time in large yards and socialize with other dogs in their customized play groups! Includes the swim/adventure package in the 3 acre yard with a large fresh water pond. All 26 large play yards are underneath the shady oaks trees with a cool breeze that blows through allowing a much cooler summer playtime for the dogs. Sandy Oaks also has a customized area and pool yard just for our little ones so they can enjoy swimming and lounging by the water as well. 

Our Daycare Includes:

-Unlimited Off leash play time in large shaded yards

-Customized play groups by size and energy level

-Adventure/Swim Package (Swim lessons if need)

-Training for socializing with other dogs

-Independent play if needed (no extra charge)

-Shallow little dog pool area

-Abundance of treats, love and attention from staff!

Monday - Friday

8:30AM - 5:30PM

Extended Daycare - $20

6+ Hours 

Classic Daycare - $12

4-6 Hours

Mini Daycare - $8

1-3 hours

Requirements to attend daycare

Must be at least 4 months of age and/or have all puppy shots completed and required adult shots for Rabies, Distemper/Parvo (DHLPP) and Bordetella. 

If your pet is not neutered/spayed they can still socialize as long as they pass their temper test to play with other dogs. They will not be with any other intact males/females. Females that have not been spayed must not be on their heat cycle when in our care for any services.

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