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We want your dog's experience here at Sandy Oaks Kennels to be just like a fun vacation get-away too! You can feel at ease when you drop your dog off because you know they will be in the hands of our staff that provide quality and compassionate care for your dog! 

Each kennel is a private space in a climate controlled environment where your dog can comfortably sleep, eat and relax. They are let out to play in customized play groups to ensure everyone has fun and gets plenty of exercise! Kisses, hugs and treats always included!

Overnight Boarding


$35.00 per night  

$25.00 for each additional pet in same run


Price:                    Hours:

$20.00             Extended 6+ hours

$12.00              Classic    3-6 hours

$8.00               Mini       1-3 hours

Our Daycare lets your dog have plenty of off-leash play time in a large yard and socialize with other dogs in their customized play groups! Includes supervised swimming in pond...

Daycare    Monday - Friday


$6.00/day for 1 dog               $15.00/day for 3 dogs 

$10.00/day for 2 dogs


Want your dog to have a little more room to run and swim in a fresh water pond? Then this is the perfect spot for your energetic pet who will swim and frolic in the 2.5 acre pond yard for some supervised play time! 

Adventure/Swim package

Contact us today to schedule your pet's personal tour 

(No walk-in tours, must have an appointment Monday - Thursday)


***If you want to bring your pet for the tour they must have their vaccination records showing their 3 mandatory vaccinations***


For more information or to schedule a tour 

Call: 361-729-0000

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