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Overnight Boarding!

We want Sandy Oaks to feel like your pets home away from home. Our customized kennels are designed so your pet feels like they are at home rather then at a vets office or metal cell. Your pets spend most of their time being active outside rather then their beds so they are happy to be tucked in at the end of a long day of play. During over night boarding the dogs also get to go for a night run late in the evening, minimizing their time in their kennel even more. The kennels vary in size but we have a range to ensure that everyone has plenty of room to spread out comfortably no matter if its our 220 lb Great Danes or a 5 lb Yorkie. (Image on left shows Lion who is about 120 lb) 

During playtime everyone is worked into a custom playgroup just for him or her to fit his/her temper and energy level. If independent playtime is needed they will still have the same amount of playtime in their personal play yard. For additional play options your dog(s) can be signed up for the adventure/swim package in the 3 acre yard that includes a large fresh water pond with plenty of room to run, wade or swim.

Included in boarding:

-Personal space in climate controlled kennel

-Customized dinning (If dinner needs to be heated/chilled, not a problem)

-Comfortable bedding, food bowls and water buckets provided 

-Unlimited off-leash playtime in large yard

-Lots of love and treats throughout the day

-Night run late in the evening.  

$35.00 a day for one dog

$25.00 a day for second dog in same kennel

$35.00 a day for second dog in a separate kennel

*Charges start the day of check-in. All boarders are charged an additional day of boarding if departure after 12:00 PM. If pet has a spaw appointment on day of pick-up no additional days will be charged.

Requirements for boarding

Must be at least 4 months of age and/or have all puppy shots completed and required adult shots for Rabies, Distemper/Parvo (DHLPP) and Bordetella. 

If your pet is not neutered/spayed they can still socialize as long as they pass their temper test to play with other dogs. They will not be with any other intact males/females. Females that have not been spayed must not be on their heat cycle when in our care for any services.

*Prices are subject to change

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